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Stabilized Rice Bran Oil

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Rice Bran Oil is truly “The World’s Healthiest” edible oil, containing vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and is trans fat free.  It can help lower cholesterol, fight diseases, enhance the immune system, fight free radicals and more. Rice Bran Oil is extremely light, versatile and delicious. Use it to fry, sauté, in salad dressings, baking, dipping oils and where ever you use cooking oil. (more…)

Stabilized Rice Bran

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Stabilized rice bran contains over 100 different antioxidants, high in  B vitamins, vitamin E, Minerals, proteins, omega 3’s and 6 fatty acids, phytosterols, tocotrienols, Polyphenols, soluble and insoluble fiber, ferulic acid and gamma-oryzanol why have we not heard about this super food before? (more…)

Foods can they keep you from being well

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

What else can I do
I was talking with a patient the other day. She said she was in her late 30’s and shouldn’t be having all these health issues at her age. This hurts that hurts, I can’t do this I can’t do that. I’m falling apart. As chiropractors we do see a lot of these kinds of patients. One’s that have chronic health issues usually back related problems are just one of the symptoms.  As Chiropractors, holistic health care providers were taught to look beyond a symptom and to treat the causation. Why is this person sick, why is this person not healthy. Not all the times are health issues subluxation based. Total health is hard to attain yet if we can attain it we will live healthier and longer. So what makes up total health? I tell my patients it’s like a pie the more slices of the health pie you have on your good side the healthier you will be. (more…)