Leading Consumer Reporting Magazine Finds Chiropractic To Be The Higest Rated Treatment For Back Pain

I was Reading the May 2009 issue of the leading consumer reporting magazine in the United States the other day. I usually just keep it in my waiting room or look at the recommendations if I’m looking to buy something. One of the articles caught my eye though. Relief for aching backs. The article starts off with 80% of U.S adults have at some point been bothered by back pain. There survey was taken from there subscriber list. They found more than one half not only said there pain was severely limiting but 88% said it was reoccurring though the year and interfered with their normal daily lifestyle.

Of course this consumer reporting magazine likes to rate things by how well it performed. I myself will usually go with their best buy recommendation.  The ratings were based on helpfulness of the treatment and satisfaction with the health care professional.  I know Chiropractic is the best treatment for back pain and associated musculoskeletal conditions but, to read it in a magazine that has never written many favorable things about chiropractic I had to sit back and smile.

They found 59% were completely satisfied with their chiropractor, 34% with their primary care physician and 44% with a physician specialist I assume that to be an orthopedic.  Physical therapy and massage followed chiropractic. The article further goes onto state many of their respondents who saw their primary care physician left dissatisfied.  Their respondents also credit there chiropractor in teaching proper ergonomics and lifting techniques.

Why does chiropractic have such an overwhelming success rate over drug therapy offered by medical doctors?  As chiropractors we understand that drugs for most musculoskeletal conditions covers up symptoms. They might relax muscles or reduce inflammation but they cannot find nor correct the causation of those symptoms.  As stated by the leading consumer reporting magazine chiropractors have the highest rating in treating back pain. We do because we treat the causation instead of treating a symptom.  We teach our patients proper ergonomics and lifting techniques to help prevent reoccurring back problems.