People think of chiropractors as back doctors. We are back doctors because that’s where the spinal cord lays. Chiropractic is about removing nerve interference allowing the body to heal itself. We do this by adjusting subluxations. For my current patients I do hope you know what that means. For prospective patients and everyone else that’s made it this far and did not read the what is chiropractic tab tsk tsk. Let’s get away from the formal ICA, ACA Definitions and such. Chiropractors believe that spinal nerves that undergo stress, impingement ever so slight will cause a degree of nerve dysfunction. Wow that’s a pretty broad based statement. I’m sure your thinking what in the heck is nerve stress nerve impingement, glad you asked. Of course severing a nerve crushing a nerve is 100% impingement a lot of times the result of direct trauma to the spine. These kinds of injuries can produce severe medical issues including paralysis. Chiropractic cannot help with that. The slightest stress to a nerve can cause that nerve to dysfunction become irritated. We know that people with disc injuries will experience radiating pain nerve irritation. In the lower back or lumbar spine one nerve well actually 2 nerves wrapped in a sheath is called the sciatic nerve of course there are many other nerves besides the sciatic nerve that come from the spinal cord in the lower back. When a disc injury happens pressure is exerted onto the nerve. This pressure causes nerve irritation, Pain radiating along the sciatic nerve radiating down the leg. By the way a condition that responds very well to chiropractic. What else happens, if the nerve is irritated sending pain signals it has a hard time transmitting normal signals. The nerve starts to dysfunction. Dysfunction of a nerve in this case the sciatic nerve can lead to a change in sensation numbness, tingling, burning sensation in the leg muscle weakness. However at the disc level where the nerve root exits there are other nerves that can be affected. Those nerves go to the genitourinary system, lower colon and those systems can also be affected by a disc injury as in urinary inconstancy. That’s the extreme but what if there’s only slight pressure, stress to the nerve can the nerve still be irritated and cause a degree of dysfunction. Subluxations are irritation of nerves causing a degree of dysfunction. Just like any disease process it takes time for health related problems to show themselves. I always use the example of a heart attack. One doesn’t have a heart attack because the blood vessels became clogged the day they had that heart attack. It happens over a long period of time blood vessels become clogged until the blood supply is so restricted to the heart stops. Subluxations work the same way. The body is a self healing organism it will always try to compensate and try to heal it’s self. How do we get subluxations, how do we prevent subluxations, can a simple “I bent down to pick up a fork from the floor and could not stand back up due to lower back pain”. “I turned my head to reach for the alarm clock and felt a sudden sharp pain in my neck”. How can we really attain wellness and health? I’ll be posting more on these subjects over time.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day