Foods can they keep you from being well

What else can I do
I was talking with a patient the other day. She said she was in her late 30’s and shouldn’t be having all these health issues at her age. This hurts that hurts, I can’t do this I can’t do that. I’m falling apart. As chiropractors we do see a lot of these kinds of patients. One’s that have chronic health issues usually back related problems are just one of the symptoms.  As Chiropractors, holistic health care providers were taught to look beyond a symptom and to treat the causation. Why is this person sick, why is this person not healthy. Not all the times are health issues subluxation based. Total health is hard to attain yet if we can attain it we will live healthier and longer. So what makes up total health? I tell my patients it’s like a pie the more slices of the health pie you have on your good side the healthier you will be. In my view there are 5 pillars of health 5 slices that make up the whole pie.

1.     Subluxation Free

2.     Diet and Nutrition

3.     Exercise

4.     Emotional Health

5.     Financial Health

Today I’m going to talk about diet, not diet as it pertains to losing weight but diet as it pertains to inflammatory and non inflammatory foods. The simple fact is we become sick from inflammation, we can die from inflammation, we have acute and chronic pain due to inflammation. In medical terminology the suffix “itis” means inflammation IE: tendonitis, arthritis, pancreatitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis and so on. So what causes inflammation? Toxins cause inflammation plain and simple, bacteria, viruses, free radicals and more cause inflammation. Makes sense that the more inflammatory causing things were exposed to the more unhealthy we will be. I wonder if the air we breathe filled with pollutants causes us inflammation, the foods we eat can cause us inflammation, emotional stress that taxis the body can cause inflammation?  These are just a few things that can cause inflammation that stresses our body’s defense mechanism that causes us to be unhealthy filled with symptoms and searching for the answer how can I feel better. One way is though diet. The simple fact is again if you eat more antinflamatory causing foods you will be healthier. Take hold start a better way for you for your family stay around for a while.

Inflammatory causing foods sorry but so true the things we like are the things that are the worst

Red Meats especially those juicy rib steaks high in fats as well as most dairy products are high in saturated fats. Saturated fats have an essential fatty acid called arachidonic acid which although is needed by our bodies to much of it is inflammatory in nature. I don’t have to tell you about friend foods there very high in omega 6 which is not to be confused with the good omega, omega 3’s so Oils high in omega 6 are safflower, soy, peanut, corn  Partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats, there found in chips candies some cereals and baked good . SUGARS including white sugar wheat sugar all wheat products have sugar in them, soft drinks and diet soft drinks. Sugar as one of the most serious causes of inflammation, rapid aging and weight gain thus one of the most dangerous foods to eat. Sugary foods quickly elevate blood sugar, creating an insulin release along with free radicals that oxidize fats. When oxidized, the fats form plaque deposits in our arteries, leading to disease.  Insulin release also increases stored body fat and release of pro-inflammatory chemicals causing cell damage and accelerated aging.

Ok so that gets rid of all junk foods, fast foods, cookies, cakes, chips, rolls and most breads, I almost forgot most condiments and white potatoes also. There goes that outback rib steak with a loaded baked potato? Not necessarily. The key to all this is to start off slowly make gradual changes. You can’t shock the body; you can’t one day say ok and throw away somewhere 50-80% of your foods and start eating anti inflammatory foods.  Everyone knows your intentions are great and maybe you’ll last 1-2 months. Unfortunately odds are not with you. This is a lifestyle change for better health not ok today I’m going to eat healthy starting today or well it’s the weekend I’ll start Monday. As soon as you’re invited out and that blooming friend onion is placed on the table that little voice is going to say 1 day isn’t going to hurt me. The time you think about eating health. The key is to make gradual changes, start with the good foods you like, the good foods you enjoy. Eat slow allow your food to digest allow your stomach to stretch sending that message to the hypthalmus that says ok I’m full versus the all you can eat restaurants. You eat as much as you can in a short period of time get that full feeling but that’s just the tip of the iceberg isn’t it. By the time you get home you can barely get out of the car. What happens after you come out of the bathroom you sit down lay down and say what I’m never eating there again I can’t move. You look over to your significant partner and say, If I ever mention all you can eat shoot me but hey couple of weeks later all is forgotten and your there again. It’s a struggle we were brought up on the basis of family dinner time at night. Such the wrong way to eat, why fill up the gas tank at night before bed time when the best time to fill it up is in the mornings so you have all that potential energy just waiting to be used. Breakfast should be your biggest meal followed by lunch followed by dinner as the smallest. Totally against how most of us were brought up. Sorry got a bit off track for a bit. Anti-inflammatory foods Lets talk a bit about those what should I eat?

Leans meats as in chicken, turkey, fish, fish is very high in omega 3’s. Fry using extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil avocado oils.  Eat lots of dark green veggies, fruits, berries, nuts especially almonds Hazel nuts, walnuts flaxseeds. Drink herbal teas instead of coffee. Foods high in omega 3’s as in salmon and almonds High ORAC value foods as in berries, Foods high in Proanthocyanidins as in red grapes.  Remember also antioxidants are the key to living longer the more you get the healthier you will be plain and simple. Every person including children should be taking antioxidants.  I’ll talk about supplements another time tough This is about foods things you can get at any grocery store things you can start today with no additional costs to you. In a time of stress, in a time of pleasure we seek those comfort foods right? Foods that make us feel good foods that are tasty unfortunately there also foods that promote inflammation. Those foods will cause continued pain and symptoms and will shorten your life. It’s hard there are going to be slips but if you start off slow and if you do slip remember it’s ok just get back on track don’t try to change in a day or week. Do not rob yourself either. I’m not saying never have a cookie or piece of cake or steak and loaded potato, What I’m saying is enjoy those things at times make it a treat not the normal. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me or ask me in the office if you’re a patient.

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